The law In June of 2015, the Texas governor signed into law HB283 requiring certain governmental bodies make audio and video recordings of open meetings available on the Internet. To summarize, it requires school boards, city councils, county commissioner courts, and transit authorities of a certain size make available archived […]

Texas governmental bodies required to put audio & video recordings ...

1. Use the manufacturer’s frequency selector to find the best frequency range for your area.  Sennheiser at and Shure at 2. Once you have your products and are installing, the first step is to run the automatic frequency scan on the device.   This will tell you the band(or group) to […]

Tips for using and installing wireless microphones

My AV system has an audio DSP – what is it? An audio DSP is a piece of equipment used in an audio or audio visual system for audio digital signal processing.  It is used to perform many audio functions including mixing signals, volume control, equalization, limiting and compressing signals, and many […]

What is an audio DSP?