Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your team



Video Conferencing Systems

Imagine collaborating with your remote offices and team mates in full high definition audio and video conferences.   Videotex offers systems where you can collaborate from conference rooms to off site team members who use phones, tablets, or laptops to connect to meetings.   Videotex offers sales and support for videoconferencing systems like Lifesize, Polycom and Cisco. More info.

Television Studio

Television Studio

Television Studios

From a small webcasting studio to a full HD production system, Videotex can help you design and install the system.   We’ll recommend the best equipment for your budget.  We can supply everything – from cameras, to tripods, to lighting, to switchers, and everything else in between.

Digital Signage

Signage everywhere

Corporate digital signage

From convention centers to lobby displays, Videotex has a breadth of experience with Digital Signage systems.  We can design, install, and teach you how to use your system to communicate with your audience.  Besides static displays that you update, we can integrate the signage with live data feeds.

Projectors and Screens

Screens for schools, churches, corporate, training

House of worship screens

From 50 classrooms with screens and projectors to an entire auditorium with a 40 foot screen, Videotex can help you achieve the effect that you want in your projection system.  With on staff programmers, we can include a complete control system to operate everything from color touch screens.

Installed Sound

Any type of audio system

Speaker cluster in high school auditorium

Whether it’s a board room, or an auditorium or convention center, Videotex can design, integrate, and install your sound system.   From speaker to amplifiers, to microphones and DSP’s, Videotex has a great deal of experience with these systems.  When programming a DSP is required, Videotex can help with programming on all the popular DSP’s including Biamp, BSS, Symetrix, Peavey Media Matrix, Extron, and others.

Control Systems

Control all your devices with a touch panel

AMX Control panel controls AV in city council chamber



A control system is an audio visual system that allows you to provide users with a simple interface to a complex system.   For example, if you have a projector in a large auditorium, you could provide a touch panel that will: lower the projector from the ceiling, lower the screen, close the blinds, turn on the projector, and connect your laptop source and start projecting.   Control systems can easily automate many audio visual functions such as displays, microphone and audio levels, TV stations, turning displays on and off, video conferencing, and many
other things.

Both control systems andCrestron Touch Panel audio DSP systems need to be programmed before they can be used.
Videotex has on-staff programmers for major commercial control systems including Crestron, AMX, Extron, Kramer, and others.


We also have on-staff programmers for all the audio DSP’s including BSS, Symetrix, Biamp, Peavey and others.

Video Surveillance Systems

View your location from any device

IP Video Surveillance System

A video surveillance system for a business helps in a myriad of ways including:

Record burglaries or any incidents

Reduce shoplifting

Minimize employee theft

Prevent cash register problems like “under ringing”

Reduce shipment discrepancies in the warehouse

Improve employee productivity

Diminish litigation liability exposure

Increase employee security

For more information on video surveillance, check our sister company Videotex Security.


Conference Centers

All the AV you need for conference centers

All the AV you need for conference centers

Conference centers have a mix of needs in terms of audio, video, displays, and other media.   Videotex can help you design, and build a world class conference center.


Boardrooms require quality audio video components and an easy to use design.   Videotex has completed hundreds of board rooms and conference rooms and can assist you in designing systems that will meet the needs of your staff.   Whether it’s a simple huddle room, or a complex boardroom, Videotex can help.


Auditoriums require complex, excellent sounding audio systems.   Videotex has designed and engineered many auditorium sound systems including speakers, DSP processors, amplifiers, wired and wireless microphones, mixing boards, and everything else required.  In addition to audio, we can also install projectors and lighting in auditoriums.

Video Editing Suites

When you have lots of video, you need editing suites to edit the video.   We can provide many levels of editing suites from simple systems, to complex multi-room edit suites with central attached storage and media management.  We are Adobe, Avid, Grass Valley, and Sony authorized for providing you any type of editing software you like.


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